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Go portable or stay stationary?

Most everyone has to make this choice when it comes to buying a new computer. With all other things being equal, desktops are more powerful and cost-effective. Laptops are hardly upgradable, fairly pricey and more difficult to work on, as far as hardware goes. Imagine the screen goes out: if it happens to your desktop PC, all you have to do is get a new monitor. Screen repairs on laptops on the other hand are very expensive. In other words, all disadvantages with only one bonus: portability. So, if you don't need to carry your computer around, don't bother with portables. One of the services we provide is actually assisting you in purchasing a new computer, which can be very confusing with countless configuration options available today. Then setting it up for you onsite: applying initial security configuration, tweaking and setting up all the software, integrating into your current environment, configuring internet and network access, connecting peripheral devices and tranferring data from your old computer.


With so many gadgets out there making them all work together can sometimes be a real challenge even for pro's. Can the rest of your household print to the printer attached to your computer? Can you read and send email while on the go? How about a GPS in your phone? Or can you sync your email, calendar, contacts and music from your handheld to several PCs and have exact same mailbox on all of your computers. The list goes on and on but no worries: we'll help you get the most out of your gear. We're always there to let you focus on your business and leave all the tech stuff to those who really enjoy doing it


Can you transfer files between your computers? Are you wireless yet? Is your network secure? Is your router set up right? Did you know that nowadays it is actually cheaper to go wireless, rather than to stay wired (let alone that it is much neater and totally flexible)? This is when you're getting the most for your money. We love multitasking and working on multiple computers at once, rather than watching the paint dry while applying another patch to just one computer. Setting up home and business networks can be quite fun!