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Disaster recovery

Had a power surge and now your computer won't turn on? Most commonly, it's the power supply: under $100 part and under 1 hr. labor to quickly bail you out of trouble. If not, it could be the motherboard, which is actually the most of computer's intestines, and not so quick and cheap to replace. Either way, 9 out of 10 your data is still there and readable. But it will take a pro to transfer it. And unless it's a custom-built gaming machine or a dedicated digital workstation that you've got, or the warranty is still in effect, it's not very cost effective to repair. One thing you can do to minimize the risk of this hapening to you is powering your computer through an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It's basically a big power strip with a battery in it that won't let the surge or outage pull the plug on your PC. But anything at all should happen to your computer causing it to no longer boot up or turn on, we're always there to help you as expertly and quickly, as possible.

Viruses & spyware

This is one of the most common and rapidly growing problems. Security threats resulting in identity thefts. Every two out of three computers we get to work on show some kind of infection. These days the most common scenario starts with a backdoor trojan horse and leads to various hijacks, pop-ups and fake security alerts 'phishing' for your personal data. Ever wonder where all that spam and explicitly illegal stuff comes from when everything is so perfectly traceable on the net? That's right, it comes from infected and hijacked computers. It really feels like something nasty is in control of your computer; if it seems unusually slow, it may be doing stuff that you'd never want it to. Helping you out before it's too late is another one of our rush services, and we're really good at it!

'Blue screens'

We call them blue screens of death. It's when you're getting that grey-on-blue text instead of your desktop. Or your computer may just go into a restart loop. Ironically, about 50% of the time it can be a 'quick fix'. Recovering Windows crashes is just one of our specialities, along with retrieving lost data and infection removal.

Free Software

Did you know that there is a completely free OpenSource alternative to what Microsoft charges up to $800 for and it works much better? That is the developers community responding to aggressive corporate policy of the giant monopoly's pursuit in selling air. Surely you've heard of "the other world" mysteriously called linux - a free OpenSource clone of commercial OS called Unix, but did you know that Apple's Mac OS X has long been nothing but FreeBSD (which is another clone of Unix) with Apple's cool looking interface on top of it? It's hard to believe but there is a lot of free stuff out there that works so much better than everything else on the market: firewalls, antiviruses, even audio editing software. Just let us show you the way and you'll love it as much, as we all do.