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With proliferation of the faster Internet, little does it matter where you are any more. On a business trip or a Caribbean cruis, as long as you're online, we'll always be there to help. Now this is going green: working on computers in Paris or anywhere in the world out of our offices in Silicon Valley. Saving time, gas, environment and service costs. It really revolutionizes everything we know about IT support.


Much like cars, computers do need periodic maintenance. While most home users would rather wait till something happens to their PCs and then have them worked on, businesses are, without doubt, much better off on maintenance contracts because of how costly any computer downtime tends to be, as it always happens on the busiest day of the year. We have flexible maintenance plans that will fit any business - small or big.


Nowadays, it stands for automatic. Quite amazing how many people are still putting their files onto optical discs - CDs or DVDs - when there are much better and more efficient schemes. The truth is that you won't always remember to back up that way, it takes awfully lot of time and the backup media is highly unreliable. Of your three options today, we recommend online backup. It's the safest of all, as it creates an offsite copy of your data and stores it remotely at a secure location. For those of us with super confideltial information on their computers, online backup services allow for use of self-generated encryption keys, rather than generic ones, that are secure enough for most.